Just Breathe Long Sleeve, Black, size 10

I tried on the Black Just Breath Long Sleeve because I think the neckline is super pretty, especially on curvier busted figures (I am not that). My only issue with it is that it is not cut in an a-line at all as some Long Sleeve tops are so it is narrow in the waist, and if you have the slightest mummy tummy, because this is thin RULU, it will show everything. I tend to look for tops that slightly float away from this area vs cling to it.  I like the top enough that if it comes in Alberta Lake I will get it in a size up. One thing to note is that the contrast between super soft RULU light and the mesh detailing isn’t exactly subtle. The mesh when you first touch it feels a bit hard (like all the mesh panelled crops have been) but once it is on it’s actually not scratchy or bothersome. I definitely wouldn’t wear this for running though since that seam contrast may cause friction. 

Just Breathe LS with Black Cherry High Times Crops

The Black Cherry High Times were my win today. I got these in a size 8 (I usually size down in Roll Downs/High Times) and they are pretty opaque. You can slightly see the white rip tag in a deep squat but its so subtle that I would call that acceptable for the gym. If you stayed TTS you would probably not see the rip tag at all. The luon is really nice and soft and the color is very pretty. It is close to Plum though, and Bordeaux so unless that is your favourite color group ever you probably don’t need this one – Of the three I like this color the best though. 

Alberta Lake Just Breathe Crops, size 8

Just Breathe crops were very nice but I made the mistake of grabbing size 8. I vary in pants from size 8 to 10 and in Inspires I take a size 10. The interesting thing though is if I try inspires in size 8, they aren’t as tight as these were. These felt more like a size 6 to me. The rise is pretty low too even though it is listed as medium rise. The color was incredible and the mesh detailing is very feminine and pretty but I’m hoping to see something else like a Roll Down Wunder Under Crop in Alberta Lake. 

    1. They were only slightly sheer considering how tight they were. I bet if I had tried on the size 10 they would have been fully opaque.

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