1. I'm not very excited by any of this. And, sorry to be nitpicky but it's one of my pet peeves: Just breathE, not just breath. When you need to breathe, you take a breath.

  2. More blah blah blah. I know we had some cold weather run tops added this week, but that was the first time in awhile and now we're back to running crops and shorts?

    For a Canadian-founded company, is it too much to ask for decent Polar-tech running stuff in January? WHERE ARE THE BRUSHED RUNNING PANTS? Does everyone live in Cali now? Back to Athleta I go.

    1. There definitely was a significant portion of the cold weather run gear missing this year but I think it was specifically due to the product being held in the US because of the port strike. I think they had something like 1 million pieces on the water that was due for stores that didn't get delivered.

    2. Hahah yeah @Luli I was wondering that too! Like, did they just leave it all on the water?!!! I can understand a delay, but that's a lot of product to just decide not to sell?

  3. @lulumum did we ever see boom juice crb or 105f singlets in the vancouver stores? I don't know if I missed them but I go in so often and beer saw them!! Thanks!

    1. Boom Juice CRB never made it to Canada but was in the US. The Boom Juice 105F singlet so far has just been spotted on last weeks Australian upload.

    1. Thrilled to hear that! Mine won't be delivered until Monday and I was concerned that they'd be sheer. Have you heard anything about Deep Camo?

    2. Thank you for the feedback!

      I didn't order them but I've seen pictures and I'm super tempted. I'm considering exchanging my camo inspires I just got for those if I see them in store. So far reading that Black Cherry is opaque.

  4. I bought the Black Cherry HT in store yesterday and they are opaque in my TTS. The color is saturated and gorgeous!

    LLM, I love your new site!

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