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Some cute goodies uploaded today. I ordered the Stress Less Hoodie in Peach Plum, and would have ordered the Stress Less Pant if Canada had gotten it. Would have liked a Peach Plum Cool Racerback instead of the Power Y.  I’m also surprised the US only got a black Resolution Hobo instead of the Atomic Flower one seen in stores. I would have ordered that one in Atomic Flower but didn’t expect to see it in Canada anyways so I didn’t have my hopes up. Canada finally got the Spring Fling Puffy Windbreaker and I know the blue camo one will probably sell out based on the posts I’m seeing today. It’s looking super cute on everyone that has tried it on.  I’m pretty tempted but I don’t think I can justify it. Did you order anything tonight? 

Stress Less Hoodie

Spring Fling Puffy Windbreaker CAD

Textured Lotus Camo Oil Stick Wunder Unders US

Textured Lotus Camo Oil Stick Wunder Unders CAD

Define Jacket Atomic Red CAD

Atomic Flower High Times Pant CAD

Resolution Hobo US

Atomic Flower Festival Bag US

Motivate Tank US

Breezy Tank US

Namaskar Hoodie US

Inkwell Dance Studio Jacket US

Rain Or Shine Jacket US

Peach Plum Power Y 

Lullaby Swiftly LS

Stress Less Pant US

Motivate Pant CAD

Motivate Crop CAD

Vinyasa Scarf  Inkwell Mini Check Pique

Tracker Short II Atomic Flower US

Forward Fold Trouser US

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Grrr. Well this was a frustrating upload night. And the landing page to boot says ‘practice patience’ like some ironic taunting message. Oh well. There were a few things on the US side that I really liked that didn’t get to the CAD side such as the Karmacollected Jacket which I probably would have ordered, the Rich Earth Giant Herringbone WU’s (mislabelled as black) the High Times Giant Herringbone Pants and the Flurry Fighter Pullover. I know people will be freaking out about the Ultraviolet Mini Check Pique Vinyasa but I’m just not a vinyasa type wearer. Maybe I should be but I can’t figure it out. The Fluff Off Items I’m sure will be super popular – the Ultraviolet in both the pullover and jacket is gorgeous. I ordered the Camo Mind And Body Kit but I’m not exactly sure why as I have a makeup kit I like and don’t need another….but it’s camo and rose gold hardware so I ordered it to check it out. Maybe someone on my list will get it as a present. I also really love the Embrace Hoodie Knit but I didn’t order it because it’s cotton. Had it been something luxurious like merino wool or Boolux I would have ordered it for sure. 

What did you order tonight? Did you stay up for it or wait till morning?

Fluff Off Jacket CAD
Fluff Off Jacket US

Fluff Off PulloverCAD

Fluff Off Pullover US

Karmacollected Jacket (US only)

Flurry Fighter Pullover (US only)

Exquisite Bra (CAD)

Exquisite Bra (US)

Exquisite Tank (CAD)

Exquisite Tank (US)

Exquisite Trouser Crop (CAD)

Exquisite Trouser Crop (US)

Coco Pique Define Jacket (US only)

Parallel Striped Define Jacket (CAD only)

Emerge Renewed Jacket (CAD only)

Karmacollected Wrap (CAD only)

Embrace Hoodie Knit (CAD only)

Giant Herringbone (rich earth?) Wunder Under Pants (US only)

High Times Giant Herringbone (US only)

Ultraviolet 105F Singlet (CAD only)

Passion Crop Om Stripe  (CAD only)

Pranayama Scarf (CAD)

Pranayama Scarf (US)

Mini Check Pique Ultraviolet Vinyasa (CAD)

Mini Check Pique Ultraviolet Vinyasa (US)

Camo Mind And Body Kit (CAD)

Camo Mind And Body Kit (US)

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