I briefly made it in to lululemon today with my mom to do some Christmas Shopping (FYI, these In The Flows are ringing up at $78 in store despite having a $88 price tag). The store was a complete zoo so I really couldn’t comfortably browse around with two kids in tow but I saw these four new items. 

Heathered Textured Lotus Camo Oil Slick Define Jacket

These adorable new Movement Jackets where both in. I was so sad to leave the Inkwell striped one behind. I’m hoping I can buy it on Boxing Day on Friday but they were selling briskly so they will probably be sold out in my size by then.

This Bang Buster was in today as well as a grey/white camo colorway that was really pretty. I was surprised to learn that they are made out of the seamless material and not luon. I definitely would love the grey camo one (after Christmas). 


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