Cabin Yogi Wrap

My store had a few new items in this morning which was great because I really wanted to exchange my High Times Pants Textured Stripe (if you are a size 8, run to Coquitlam or call them and place them on hold because they now have my returned pairI ended up exchanging them for this Cabin Yogi Wrap in light grey in my usual size 10. It feels really soft on and I love the overall shape and how you can just throw it on over a tank with jeans. Love that it has a hood and pockets, although the hood is really a faux hood created by the wide lapels. My only complaint with it is that I wish it didn’t have such exaggerated dropped shoulders which I don’t find that flattering. Had it been a more structured shoulder I think it would have been more flattering. The length is great though with a scooped out hem in the back which makes it not butt covering, but it will definitely show off all those cute stripy butts for those of you that purchased the High Times Textured Stripe Pants. My store had this in Inkwell and a light grey but they didn’t have the Neutral Blush one that we saw on Britt’s Picks. 



The Cabin Yogi LS was very cute as well but not nearly as soft as the wrap since it has a slightly different knit. The Wrap is thicker with a denser knit while the sweater has a looser ribbed knit. This is my regular size 10 and think the size was alright but because its such a pale color with a looser knit it was a bit showy in the tummy area. If you have belly button shadow you will want the darker colors. I think I would have liked it to be longer like the Chai Time Pullover. I believe this one came in Neutral Blush, a pretty Heathered Black and a Light Grey. 

Thanks to Ms. R for the store display photos. 


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