I tried on the Embrace Hoodie Knit in store today and really liked it, although it’s not entirely flattering on since the knit pattern is so pronounced. It’s a roomy and comfortable TTS and I probably would have snatched one up in a pretty color. The neutrals weren’t calling my name today though so it stayed in store but I definitely see myself picking one up at a later date. 

I think I got to my store too early today because they had tons and tons of boxes they were unpacking and I didn’t get to see what was in them. I’m told the Robson St. store has Gratitude Wraps in today but I’m pretty sure they are last years Deep Zinfandel. They also had the new Parallel Striped Define Jacket and Purple Herringbone Vinyasa as well as the Ultraviolet Mini Check Vinyasa.

Embrace Hoodie Knit

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