by Cristina


November 12, 2014

Link for the upload:

I ordered three items tonight, Giant Herringbone Inspire Crops, Pranayama Scarf and Paradise Grid Cool Racerback. I’m likely only keeping the Inspire Crops but I wanted to see those other items in person. Did you order anything tonight? Seems like a really good upload – generally better on the Canada side than the US. 

Fluffed Up Jacket
US Fluffed Up Jacket

1x a lady
US 1x a lady

Open Your Heart LS II
US Open Your Heart LS II

Fluffed Up Pullover

US Fluffed Up Pullover

Cardigan & Again

US Cardigan & Again

Paradise Grid Very Green Cool Racerback

US Boom Juice Cool Racerback (Instead)

Run Inspire Crop Giant Herringbone

none for US

Pranayama Scarf

US Pranayama Scarf

Empress Mala Designs

Empress Mala Designs