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I ordered three items tonight, Giant Herringbone Inspire Crops, Pranayama Scarf and Paradise Grid Cool Racerback. I’m likely only keeping the Inspire Crops but I wanted to see those other items in person. Did you order anything tonight? Seems like a really good upload – generally better on the Canada side than the US. 

Fluffed Up Jacket
US Fluffed Up Jacket

1x a lady
US 1x a lady

Open Your Heart LS II
US Open Your Heart LS II

Fluffed Up Pullover

US Fluffed Up Pullover

Cardigan & Again

US Cardigan & Again

Paradise Grid Very Green Cool Racerback

US Boom Juice Cool Racerback (Instead)

Run Inspire Crop Giant Herringbone

none for US

Pranayama Scarf

US Pranayama Scarf

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