I stopped in at my store this morning to see What’s New but didn’t get a chance to try stuff on because my daughter was on a mad hunt for her doll she lost at the mall the other day so I had to oblige her and search all the places. They had the new Mind And Body Kits in Neutral Blush, Jumbo Dream Rose and I believe a third colorway – the Atomic Flower Silver Spoon. None of those colorways called to me so I didn’t feel tempted. There were two new Dance Studio Jackets in, Neutral Blush with a gold zipper and Black Swan with a regular zipper but darker hood pulls. Also in was the solid Inkwell 105F Singlet and some new super thick knit shall scarves lined with fleece. I was on the hunt for the Weekend LS in the White/stripe but they didn’t have any. There was also a white Seamlessly LS (like the Ebb and Flow/Seamless Tanks) but it had a faux chunky knit look to it. At first I thought it was a Swiftly LS but its thicker and without the silverscent texture. Really pretty alternative to Swiftly LS’s I think. 

City Tank Golden Godess Cashew Multi/Black


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