Power Date Dress (US)

Weekend Long Sleeve

Love the striped one! I’m pretty sure my store had all except the striped one yesterday. 

Water Bound Singlet, Ombre Wave White (In Australia and New Zealand)
I love this print. I’m definitely going to want the Water Bound Singlet and Water Bound Bra in the summer if it comes to North America. 

Sequin Snakeskin Speed Tights, Everything She Wants Vest (sized down?)

Arsenal Ambient Grey Speed Tights

Yogi Crew Sweater, Heathered Rich Earth Roll Down Wunder Under Pants

 Mantra Tote

 Pigment Weekend Warrior Tote

Mantra Tote

Cute vignettes of gift ideas in color groupings. 

Houndstooth Pigment Weekend Warrior Tote


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