New Sweater in store today called Yogi Crew Neck Sweater. This particular one has little tiny hearts in the pattern but also comes in a black/white dot, a grey and I think a black. The tag doesn’t say so, but this pink *hearts one I grabbed seems to be reversible. This is a very thick merino wool sweater so if you are sensitive to wool you will find this very scratchy and very thick – it is not a smooth merino knit. I was surprised that when I felt it on the table it felt scratchy and unbearably thick but in the fitting room when I put it on it actually felt soft. My wool sensitivity has diminished over the years though so that may be why. This is my regular size 10 and it is nice and roomy but the one knock against it I have is that it is short and boxy. I would have been much more interested in this if it had been a longer length. I will definitely keep this on my markdown wish list in the black/white dot colorway. 

 You can see here in the picture how thick it is and the type of knit. 

Zippers on each side of the hem for ventilation

Reversed side. 

A peek at the black/white Yogi Crew Neck Sweater banner.

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