My Paradise Grid Very Green Multi Cool Racerback just got delivered and I’m not sure about it. Out of the bag I didn’t love it, but on I like it. I find it intriguing but not sure it’s enough to keep. The material is a thick silky polyester but it’s not unpleasant, it’s actually very soft. The back of the print is white but the pattern doesn’t seem to distort or fade on this one. I do find the geometric lines accentuate curvatures so that will either be a great thing for you or a nightmare. I’m finding it accentuating my winter pouch. I need to try it on again after a few weeks of strict eating.  Definitely I need to mull this one over though. If it was March, which is typically a Lululemon lull for me, I’d keep it. Since it is Fall/Winter when there are tons of items out that I love I’m inclined to return it, especially since it seems so out of season. I really can’t imagine paring this with herrinbone, pique, deepest cranberry or any of the other ‘winter’ items. 


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