by Cristina

Fit Review: Paradise Grid Very Green Multi Cool Racerback

November 14, 2014

My Paradise Grid Very Green Multi Cool Racerback just got delivered and I’m not sure about it. Out of the bag I didn’t love it, but on I like it. I find it intriguing but not sure it’s enough to keep. The material is a thick silky polyester but it’s not unpleasant, it’s actually very soft. The back of the print is white but the pattern doesn’t seem to distort or fade on this one. I do find the geometric lines accentuate curvatures so that will either be a great thing for you or a nightmare. I’m finding it accentuating my winter pouch. I need to try it on again after a few weeks of strict eating.  Definitely I need to mull this one over though. If it was March, which is typically a Lululemon lull for me, I’d keep it. Since it is Fall/Winter when there are tons of items out that I love I’m inclined to return it, especially since it seems so out of season. I really can’t imagine paring this with herrinbone, pique, deepest cranberry or any of the other ‘winter’ items. 

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