My store had these gorgeous new Giant Herringbone Run Inspire Crops in today (which I had ordered on upload) so I got a chance to try them on before getting delivered to my house. They are AMAZING!! Compressive, totally opaque and the material is woven but still has the smooth breathable quality of luxtreme. Its not soft and cottony like luon herringbone but it is a really nice material. These are true to size (size 10 for me) but you can also size down if you don’t mind snugness around the middle and you wont get sheerness if you go with your lower size. I tried on both size 8 and size 10 and I was truly torn on what size to go with – size 8 was perfect but a little huggy in the waist area, and the print did not distort. The size 10’s felt good on but they were quite long and where more 7/8″ length on me and had bunching of fabric behind my knees. Order these before people realize how magnificent they are and they sell out! So far they are just on the Canadian side of the website

The inside of the pants

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