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Fit Review: Fluffed Up Vest, Fluffed Up Jacket, Think Fast LS, Think Fast Pullover, new Cool Racerback Prisma Inkwell Black

November 6, 2014

My store got a big shipment today including all the new Fluffed Up items. I think I’ve fallen in love with Boom Juice, and of course every single variation on Herringbone. 

Fluffed Up Vest

The Fluffed Up Vest is a form fitting TTS.  I found it hugged my hip area without creasing in the lower back (which happens with some narrow fitting jackets when you are a pear shape). If I wanted to layer over a scuba hoodie or something thicker thank a run pullover I’d size up.  It’s got a double zipper option so you can expose the strip of reflectivity (and give yourself an extra inch of room), or zip the second zipper up and hide the reflective zip. 

Fluffed Up Jacket

The Fluffed Up Jacket was also TTS and not overly tight in the shoulders/arms, however, if I was wearing something thick underneath like a sweater it would have been too tight in those areas. Same double zipper option that the vest has on this one. 

 Narrower zipper closure without reflectivity exposed.

 showing the second zipper option with the reflective strip

Think Fast Pullover

The think fast pullover was TTS and incredibly soft and cozy. I hate things around my neck, especially turtle necks so I’m a bit unsure about the high colar on this one but I think it looks really good. 

I feel like the design on this is more flattering on someone with a bigger bust. On my smaller bust I just look like my boobs are halfway down my torso…or maybe its just this picture. 

Think Fast LS

I really, really liked the Think Fast LS. The lighter herringbone and the larger scale of the herringbone was really pretty in person. The RULU was not as soft as the pullover and I don’t think it was as relaxed fitting. My TTS 10 fit well but it was not as slouchy or stretchy as the pullover. I’m torn on which one I like better. I think the LS is slightly more elegant while the pullover is cozier and therefore more wearable. 

There was a new Cool Racerback Tank in today ‘Prisma Inkwell Black’. It was extremely soft and silky but I wasn’t in love with the print. 

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