Upload happened later than usual. About 4:30 pm PST I think vs. 4:15 and we were all panicking at the thought that Lululemon has changed the date and time on us again. Nothing worse than not knowing when the upload may happen.  How come the US always gets the debut of all the dresses that come out?? Canada never gets to debut any of the dresses. So annoying. I had been thinking I wanted to try it out for my upcoming trip to New York but I guess I’ll check it out when I’m there. Nothing ordered for me tonight, how about you?

Hearing pretty consistent reports that this dress is a very tight TTS and most are sizing up

Heathered Berry Yum Yum Inspire Crops are pretty

Anytime Skirt is US only

Manifesto Script Camo

I like this. I’d love to see a CRB with this print. 


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