UK got quite a few new items today. The Flaming Tomato 105F Singlet was at my local store yesterday so I would expect it to upload for us today. It is quite beautiful in person but absolutely 100% an orange and not an orange red in this material. The Going Grape one wasn’t in store but from this picture it looks very similar to the Bruised Berry one out a few months ago. 

Bark Wunder Unders *reversible

I love the color Bark but I think I love it most as a heathered cotton. I want to see tons of cotton Heathered Bark items. I’d possibly get a solid Bark Roll Down Wunder Under. 

Diamond Jaquard textured wunder unders

We’ve seen this a lot in the Ivivva line, as well as in the Flaming Tomato Wunder Unders. 


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