Fuel Green In The Flow Crops with The Sweater The Better 

My store still hasn’t received The Sweater The Better, the Radiant LS, Race Your Pace LS’s in Fuel Green or the Anytime Dress. They did have the Ghost Herringbone Turn Around Tights in today. I purchased them but then within an hour I exchanged them. They were really pretty but they were not the soft stretchy RULU that last years herringbone RULU tights where. I’d rather wait and see what comes. It was strange seeing my store today after a crazy stressful week and not being able to stop in, there seemed to be hardly anything new. It seems like they are 2-3 uploads behind in product except for a few random sprinklings of new product. 

Radiant LS, Fuel Green Roll Down Wunder Under Crops (love!)

Radiant Long Sleeve with High Low Tech Mesh Crops

Sweater The Better paired with Bumble Berry Inspire Crops or Wunder Unders

Studio Softshell

Lusche Telemark Almost Pear Wunder Unders


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