Oooh! lots of temptation at my store today (Including the new Free To Be Wild Bras) Heathered Black Swan Roll Down Cotton Wunder Unders where super tempting to me but I left them behind. I had to chose between the Heathered Bark I got a few weeks ago and these and I think Heathered Bark is a more unusual lulu color and a neutral that I’ll get to wear more often. If only they could all come home with me. The Flaming Tomato Diamond Jacquard Textured (I think!) Wunder Unders where really nice and have a nice purple stripe in the print. I think the purple is Black Grape but it may be something different. And third, I hate the Skinny Wills on me but I had to try them on because they are out in this new Heathered Black Grape – I will be in trouble if we see Roll Down Wunder Unders in Heathered Black Swan/Black Grape.  

I was surprised to like these since I’m not really a fan of this new Tomato color . They are thick but very soft and plush. Its not knobby like pique but its got a similar matte texture. These felt a bit tight in my usual size but don’t think I’d size up. 

You can see the purple very clearly in person.

Heathered Black Grape Roll Down Wunder Under Pants *Cotton

Heathered Black Grape/Black Swan Skinny Will Pants

Keep in mind these pants with the contrasted pocket seaming look terrible on me but I love the color. 

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