Lots of goodies tonight. Looks like the Herringbone Speed tights didn’t pan out (they did, they were Turn Around Tights though) but the green/plack printed wunder unders did. I was tempted by the coco pique vinyasa on the US side but I opted not to go for it as I rarely wear Vinyasas and I’m really hoping for Roll Down Coco Pique Wunder Unders. The Sweater The Better is also tempting. I would have loved to have seen it in store but my store didn’t get either of the knit pieces today. Also tempted by the High Times Tech Mesh Crops and the Reversible Fuel Green Wunder Unders. Holding out though for other luon items in Fuel Green. Did you order anything? 

Canada got a fleece Vinyasa

Heathered Rust Berry Roll Down


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