Coco Pique Race Your Pace LS

Oh man, I think all of you that love Coco Pique must buy this long sleeve. It is the softest of all the Race Your Pace LS’s and it is very stretchy and flattering on. This is my TTS and it is form fitting but not snug. I loved how soft this was and how textured. The texture reminds me a lot of the Turn Around LS’s from a few winters ago. 

I also tried on the new Seek The Heat Crops in the Inky Ghost print and really loved them. I ended up exchanging my Bordeaux Rebel Runner’s for these because I found the length of these to be much more flattering on me, and the print was more subtle and neutral. I liked that the mesh areas where not as prominent as many other mesh panelled lulu crops have been. Its pretty much just the lower calf that has mesh on it and I find that its a flattering area of the leg to have mesh (not the upper thighs which may or may not display cellulite). These are not running pants but I wonder if I can wear them to both Crossfit and running. It is missing the waist draw string and the gel pockets that most running pants have but I wonder if that even makes a difference since it has a mesh holster pocket on each side. 


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