I stopped in at my store just now and got to see a few of the new items out. The Brisky Biker Jacket was in and it was shockingly not substantial. I expected it to be the fleece lined soft shell type of jacket like last years Studio Softshell but the inside of the jacket is lacking in fleece. Also, the sleeves are a strange pleather material. Overall I thought that it was just terrible. An item that did tempt me was the Rebel Runner Jacket in Purple Fog. It seemed like a substantial RULU fabric with really beautiful seam detailing. Some BC area stores have gotten in Heathered Fuel Green Roll Down WUnder Unders in Cotton but my store did not. They had the Fuel Green In The Flow Pants and they also had the black petal camo Cool Racerback in but I didn’t love it enough to buy. The only item I think I’m tempted in for tonight is the Miss Misty Pullover in Black Inky Floral Print or if they decide to give us Roll Down Herringbone WU’s. 

Coco Pique Stride Jacket

Bordaux Drama Stride Jacket *shine dot

Sashico quilt Wunder Under Crops

Departure Top

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