Well this week was just a bit of an improvement over last week. I was still not able to access the upload directly, only through the mens ‘what’s new’ or the french Canada side. It also didn’t crash on me. I was sad that the Heathered Blue Calm CRB didn’t upload on either Canada or US side as that was probably my top pick, but I did get the Heathered Bordeaux West2East CRB which I do like a lot. I also ordered the Exhalation Pullover in Heathered Marled Mojave Magenta but I kinda already regret ordering it based on all the pictures I’m seeing of it. It seems the fit updates on this one are for the worse. 

Flat Inky Flora Scuba is very tempting but I never wear scubas. 

I’m liking the Yogini 5 Year Short Sleeve Tee much more than the LS. 

I was surprised that this is not Heathered Forest but it is, it’s Heathered Fuel Green.

US got the Heathered Black Stride which is pretty. I thought this was Herringbone when I first saw it but it definitely is not. 

Upload of the Black Savasana Wrap on the Canada side. Slightly tempted but this style doesn’t suit me. 

If these had been Roll Down Wunder Unders I would have definitely jumped on them. 

No Bordeaux Drama in this sweater on either side. 


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