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I dropped in at my local store today to see if I could get a price adjustment on my Marled Magenta Exhalation Pullover which is now marked down online. Technically, since my Exhalation Pullover was still within the return period, today being the last day, It was a return, and repurchase. ‘Technically’ it was an exchange, so it was all on the up and up. They had a few new items in today. A Blue Calm 105F Singlet which was really pretty, Swiftly SL in Cadet with a dark stripe to it. Spring Forward Jacket in Inkwell Sashiko Star and the black white floral print seen below (the name escapes me). There was also Jet Crops in in black camo and they were actually interesting looking but they had sheen to them which made them look like rubber pants. When I felt the material it felt very stiff and plasticy. They also got in the Bordeaux Drama Cotton Roll Down Wunder Under Crops. Those tempted me big time but I resisted again. I saw a new Vinyasa (sorry, no Herringbone) which is a white and pale grey tonka stripe like print. The Run For Gold LS and Run For Gold 1/2 Zips where in as well. 

Lab City Pullover, Jet Crops (are those the camo jet crops? hard to tell). Run For Gold 1/2 Zip, Run For Gold Pullover

Fuel Green Shine Tights

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