There have been whispers over on Lulu Addict Blog that the Cool Racerback Tank, a core item,  may be discontinued in favour of the new Refresher Racer Tank. I would be extremely disappointed if that where true as my #1 most frequent Lululemon purchase is the Cool Racerback. The tank is a streamlined staple in my closet that easily transitions from casual wear integrated with my none athletic clothing, to gym wear. If I hit up the store multiple times in a week, its usually because I’m hunting for the latest Cool Racerback color. If I’m on a smaller budget for the month, the one purchase I make room for is a Cool Racerback. 

I find the Refresher Racer Tank is very similar in design to last winters First Base Tank which was made out of RULU. I got a First Base Tank because of the softness of the material and it was similar to a Cool Racerback but its not a tank I ever felt the need to repurchase and I don’t think it sold so well that it was ever a threat to the Cool Racerbacks. 

The Cool Racerback is sort of like that impulse purchase at the cash register at Target (tylenol, lip balm, kinder eggs for the kids), or the one cheap item you went in to the store for but ended up with a cart full of other unnecessary items in addition to that first item. Why would they get rid of that? 

Now if they wanted to offer up a RULU version of the Cool Racerback, or a Herringbone RULU Cool Racerback, as a special edition, I’d be ALL over that. The Refresher Racer Tank just isn’t intriguing enough to me, and the base runner was only intriguing because of the RULU. 

Cool Racerback

Refresher Racer Tank

First Base Tank

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