So sorry for being late to the blogger party today. I had a three hour appointment at the audiologist for my daughter so I kept seeing these new items pop up on my newsfeed on my phone but wasn’t able to post it to my blog. Looks like some US stores got these new Inkwell Denim Roll Down Wunder Under Pants (some stores have called it High Low so I’m not sure which they are). The fact that they are Roll Down make them super tempting and I almost went to the store after our appointment in hopes of picking a pair up but I held off because what I’m really hoping for are Roll Down Ghost Herringbone Wunder Unders. I’m a real deal denim wearer and I rarely wear wunder unders casually so I’m not hoping to pretend these are denim but I actually like the texture and the muted color for workout Wunder Unders. The stores are also sharing tons of Platoon print Wunder Unders but we saw those in the Spring and had tons of photos then so unless you have objections and would like to see more photos, I’ll avoid posting those. 

Canadian stores did not get the Ghost Herringbone Vinyasa today (YET!). I’m on it though and the moment I know they are in stores I will post. I am stalking them for you guys because I don’t think I’ll get one.  but they did get this new Heathered Bumble Berry one in today. Thanks to Ms. K for sharing the photo. 

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