I finally made it to the store to do some fit reviews since coming back from vacation. Yesterday didn’t count since I didn’t have time to go to the fitting room with an armload of items. 

First up is the Yogini 5 Year Short Sleeve – TTS 10

This is the size 10 on me which I really liked. It is quite loose fitting and baggy but that is the style of this type of tee and I would not size down in it. It does require a tank underneath or a sports bra because the scoop is so low that it exposes a lot of bra. I will keep this tee in mind if it ever goes on markdown but I’m resisting it at full price since Aritzia has a very similar style which retails for either $32 or $34. My problem with the Aritzia version is that the side slight goes up so high you see skin. 

Out of curiosity, I grabbed a size up Exhalation Pullover (left) to see if it fixes the hip issue and the pocket gap and unfortunately it did not for me. The hip area is definitely looser but it still snags there and creates the pocket gap. It doesn’t help that the pockets are situated so high and are not angled at all. 

Bumble Berry Wunder Under II Crops are a delicious color. Very red, with a very subtle pink tinge to it. It is pretty much a cranberry red. I really loved the color in these. I actually didn’t mind the updated added length in them and that is on my short 5’4, long torso short legged body. If they came in Roll Down version I would definitely get them and probably not bother to have them hemmed. If the urge struck me to wear them shorter I’d just fold the cuff at the bottom since that is pretty low commitment. The picture on the left, my right leg is folded up a bit so you can see how subtle that looks.

 I like it paired with Bali Breeze. Man I wish these were roll down. 

The Sweater Life (tts, 10) was very tempting in Bordeaux. My only reason for leaving it behind is that dumb transition seam down the arm. it is tight, and my arms bulge out at the seam depending on how I move them. I can see this being a disaster of burst seams. That is tragic because I otherwise loved it and would have exchanged the Exhalation Pullover for this.

 You can really see the arm bulge in this picture. 

The winner for this round of Fit Reviews is once again the trusty CRB. I loved the West2East Inkwell CRB. Now to decide if I want the Bordeaux Drama version or the Inkwell Version. 

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