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Fit Review: Miss Misty Pullover and New Color! Purple Fog. Store Photos of Bumble Berry Speeds and Miss Misty Pullover

August 11, 2014

I scoped out my store today for the new goods and the Miss Misty Pullovers where in as well as the Inky Ghost Floral Speed Shorts and a new Dance Studio Jacket color called Purple Fog. I would love to get a Cool Racerback in Purple Fog, it is a total match for my mauvy purple purse.

The Miss Misty Pullover is a a slim fit TTS. I could not have sized down at all in this as the hips where quite snug, and if you are hippy like me you may consider even sizing up. If you are narrow in the hips it will be a none fit issue.  The shoulders, chest and sleeves are comfortable but this is a slim fit that likely will only fit over top of a thin long sleeve shirt and not something as thick as a sweatshirt or bulky sweater.  None the less, I was sold on it in the Inky Floral Ghost Print. I can’t claim I’m not a floral lover but I do normally stick to such bright floral prints in something small and subtle like a Cool Racerback and would never normally get a jacket in such a wild print. It is so beautiful in person though and I can see myself wearing this a ton to crossfit. I’m just not certain I’ll get to wear it in my regular casual clothing rotation as it will be hard to layer under this. I think I could layer a Tuck And Flow LS under this, but that is probably the thickest I’d go. I also love the big angled pockets on it, the fact that the jacket can fold up into the pocket and zip up with a two way pocket zipper, and that it has a stow able hood. 

 I actually liked the Inkwell on as well despite it being a bit ‘blah’ next to Inky Floral Ghost. I had to leave with Inky Floral though. 

 You can see here how snug against my hips it is. It’s about a finger width space so enough that it lays flat without puckering strangely in the waist without riding.

The new mauvy purple ‘Purple Fog’. You can see how it looks against my Bruised Berry 105F Singlet. The fitting room photos are really terrible for capturing true color since everything gets washed in orange from the woodwork and warm lighting but This is a really nice color. 

Miss Misty in Inky Floral Ghost, Bumble Berry Speed Shorts

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