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Fit Review and Mail Day! Marled Mojave Magenta Exhalation Pullover, West2East Bordeaux Cool Racerback, Fuel Green Ebb To Street Tank

August 9, 2014

Sigh. I am so sad about the Exhalation Pullover. I love the color combo on this (more than the Bordeaux Drama) and even don’t mind the lack of thumb holes but I am so sad that it is not more a-lined like last years version. It sticks right at the hips but flares out at the waist where the pockets gap open. If I was built like a tube shape I wouldn’t have minded but the biggest fail for this top is that the hem is disastrously proportioned to the rest of the pullover. I think last years was also softer, but I don’t find this one not soft. 

 Pulled down lower on the hips it fits the pocket gap issue, but it looks snug. 

West2East Bordeaux Drama Cool Racerback. I did a return today and saw the Inkwell version of this tank and felt pretty tempted to bring it home, but I like the Bordeaux Drama version slightly more. I find this version of a Bordeaux CRB so much nicer than last years Tonka Stripe or even the solid version that was spotted in a few places this year. The Heathered Bordeaux Drama parts of the stripe are very, very pretty! Keeper!

The Fuel Green Ebb To Street Tank is the item I ended up returning today. I loved the color so much and in this fabric it really looks like a saturated jewel tone but I don’t wear this tank much for working out and I’m not sure how much I’ll get to wear it casually so I returned it and possibly I’ll repurchase but I hope we see Fuel Green in a CRB or other items. 

When I popped into my store this afternoon to do my return of the Ebb To Street Tank and some other items, I saw the Heathered Blue Calm Racerback with one left in my size so I snatched it up. It is a very pretty heathered cloud blue with obvious heathered flecks of white. If my store had not had this one in I would have probably grabbed the West2East Inkwell CRB instead but the Heathered Blue Calm was too pretty to pass on. I also saw the Roll Down Cotton Bordeaux Drama WU’s and they were so tempting because they are incredibly soft. Much softer than the other cotton Roll Down WU’s I’ve felt. I just don’t wear WU’s casually and its not an item I could wear for workouts so I let reason prevail this time. I also saw the Bumble Berry Wunder Unders and the luon was really nice quality and the color was vibrant. Had they been Roll Down Wunder Under Crops I would have absolutely snatched them up but i’ve decided to try and only get the luon roll downs from now on since they are my absolute favourite for Crossfit. 

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