The Wander Onder Pants got quite a bit of excitement on the Lulu Forums and tons of people where asking for ‘angels’ to many of the wunderlust festivals. You have to be pretty plugged in to the Lulu community via the blogs and forums to really know about the wunderlust pants frenzy. I’m left wondering who these insane people are that went to the Lululemon Whistler store this morning and elbowed, grabbed and stole pants out of shoppers hands. Who are you that you would do that?  It’s upsetting to me to hear that a woman with a baby in a front carrier got elbowed over pants because I still remember the year I went to Seawheeze with my two toddlers in a double wide stroller and how much anxiety I had over that. Seawheeze was tame by comparison. Lululemon Whistler had a 2 pant limit for shoppers and had between 30 and 50 pants available so I’m confused how that could have gone the way it did. People went in as teams, grabbed all the merchandise they could, sat down with their team of shoppers and divided what they were going to buy. I just did a search of ebay and so far no Wunderlust items have been listed. 


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