I tweeted Lululemon about not being able to see the upload (as I do each week) and if you had issues seeing with the upload crashing on you or not allowing you to view it, or only being accessible in french, make sure you tweet them so they are aware how wide spread the issue is #fixtheupload. I ordered off the french side (which I’ve had to do since November) and got the heathered grey Tuck And Flow LS. I am annoyed though that Opal and Cadet Blue didn’t upload since those were the ones I wanted. How bout those lab mesh items…..

I want to order this bang buster but the website has now crashed on me. 

 These Lab Mesh tights would be an interesting experiment to see what happens with thighs that touch

Apres Practice Cardigan out on Canadian side, not US. I’m surprised this came back. I quite liked it but last year I don’t think they sold that well. They did eventually sell out but they also got marked down.

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