Well, this is the first time in 4 years of blogging that I’ve missed the upload. I stuck around for it as long as I could but we had a family dinner that I had to get to and an hour into dinner was when the upload happened. Luckily, nothing I was interested in was uploaded tonight (Tuck And Flow LS’s, Here To There Dress) so its not like I was missing out on something I desperately wanted, but I missed out on blogging about the upload. Some of you may feel that it is silly to complain about the upload issues in the greater context of world issues,  but since this is a blog about lululemon, and the conversation we have here is about lululemon, it is perfectly within the context of this blog to complain about the upload as that really truly sucked for those of us that waited for it. We can be annoyed by the little things in life without loosing appreciation for the big things in life. So, lets indulge each other in conversation here and not shut each other down.

Looks like the Savasana Wrap sold out on the Canadian side. Was it uploaded in both colors? US still has both colors up. It’s a shame that the Savasana Wraps (the return of which was hyped up by Lululemon for the past several months) ended up being uploaded on the night the website had technical difficulties. Where you after one and did you manage to order it? 


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