So besides the Bordeaux that we know is coming, we are also getting Rugged Blue, Cranberry, Alarming, Heathered Slate, Herringbone (*these are wild guesses based on tips*). I wonder what we will see on Tuesday’s upload. 

Rugged Blue In The Flow Crops, Killin It Tee

Sorry for the poor picture. My store had this new special edition Quilted Rugged Blue Vinyasa in today. The Heathered Rugged Blue protions where nice but the stripe parts of it made it look quite masculine in this color. 

 Priced at $58

Diamond Dot Wunder Unders in Bordeaux. My store didn’t have these. 

Heathered Slate Wunder Unders. My store did have these in though and they are super pretty. They are much more heathered (flecks of white) than the heathered grey wunder unders that where out a few months ago. These ones seemed much nicer. I’m waiting for all that Herringbone. 


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