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Mardown Post: What Might They Have Made Too Much Of

July 30, 2014

I completely forgot to keep up with my WMTM Prediction post last week but I had a kind reader (thank you Ms. E!) send me a list of items she’s spotted at her store so thanks to her I remembered this week. My store had a few interesting markdowns today as well. This list will exclude the one off returns that get marked down because a lot of the stores will markdown a return if they haven’t carried the product. If you’ve spotted something not on this list please comment and let us know, I will update the post. FYI, upload last week happened at some point after midnight, Thursday morning. 

My store had the Bruised Berry Swiftly SL marked down today for $29, as well as the Hottie Hot Shorts in Flowabunga, Cadet, Angel Wing Parfait Dot and Camo for $29. 

 The Serenity Hoodie, Sweat Pants and Shorts have been marked down as well in most stores. 

Hottie Hot Skirt in Wee Wheezy Print

Black Pace Rival Skirt

Bruised Berry Forme Jacket, marked down to $98

Runner Up Short Sleeve in Grey

Love Tee

Yoga Over Skirt

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