I stopped in at my local store today to return the Opal Dance Studio Jacket and they had a huge product drop today. Not a lot of new product (other than these pants and the bruised berry swiftly) but a lot of items that hadn’t hit the stores after being online such as the swim line. They got the new Inner Heart Bra which was super tempting. There was also a full replenish of the black Runner Up Tank which I wanted last week but was sold out. Now I’m not so sure I want to get it since I feel as though I need to save up for things to come. Hmmm. Maybe I’ll do a sale post later tonight and do a little spring cleaning 🙂

I have to give mention to my newest Lulu obsession. The Roll Down Wunder Under Crops in Bruised Berry. I picked these up the other day as well as a black pair and yesterday I worked out in the black pair and they are so fricken comfortable for crossfit wods. They did not move or require hiking up during burpees or running, plus they were opaque. I feel like selling off all my regular Wunder Unders in favour of Roll Downs.

Rolling With My Omies, Also comes in a black burlap print.

Hight Times Crops Tech Mesh

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