by Cristina

Product Drop Monday/Fit Review/Color Comparison: Bruised Berry ad Heathered Opal Cool Racerbacks

June 30, 2014

Woohoo!! Thanks to an awesome reader for tipping me off that Vancouver stores got the Bruised Berry and Heathered Opal Cool Racerbacks in. I picked up both, but I’m only going to keep Bruised Berry now that I’m home and compared Heathered Opal to Heathered Menthol and Bali Breeze. The material on the Heathered Opal is much more subtly heathered than menthol, and its also slicker. It’s not exactly icky feeling (47% Polyester), but its not as nice feeling or looking as Heathered Menthol and compared to the two other colors it is rather insipid. The Bruised Berry is divine though. Thick and stretchy, all Nylon Lycra and very opaque. 

I went with my usual Cool Racerback size in both, size 10. I don’t normally wear my CRB’s with jeans because, well, muffin top, but for the purposes of quick fit review here they are. 

*I forgot to mention. Both tanks are reversible and even have the old variegated stitching. It looks like both are dark grey to light grey variegated but the Bruised Berry is actually a dark purple variegated. 

Bruised Berry Cool Racerback

Heathered Opal Cool Racerback

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