I think its so stupid that Lululemon has changed the upload time to a time when there is more visibility, and more traffic availability, yet they have not resolved their bandwidth issues. If they couldn’t handle the load of a 9:45pm PST upload, then how can they handle the traffic at a busier time? The upload crashed for me as soon as it came up.

Upload Time: 4: 15pm PST

Did you experience website crash, issues ordering or seeing the upload or was it smooth sailing for you?

Flowabunga/Black Angel Wing/Black


I ordered the Ultra Violet CRB but not sure I’m keeping it. If its a fuschia like pink I will, but if its more purple like Violaceous, I already have that and don’t want something too similar. Ultra Violet was out back in 2011 I believe, but I don’t think I got anything in that color since Wren was out, as was Iris Wee Stripe and I preferred those colors at the time. Here is a color comparison from Lulu Addict for Ultraviolet to Violacious. Based on this comparison picture I think I am going to like Ultraviolet. 

What in the world??!!!!


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