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Pop Stripe Heathered Dune Forme Jacket, Hot Spell Bra, Wamo Camo WU’s,

May 14, 2014

I’m really bummed out by the product drops so far for May. I’m in Summer clothing mode and I’m dying for more Coastal Tanks. Now that I’ve been wearing my Secret Garden Coastal Tank, I’d really like to see a Wamo Camo version as well. I went to Metrotown today in hopes of finding that Black Coastal Tank I saw the other day and sadly that lone size 8 was gone. And shorts!! I need some casual shorts too. Where are all the summer clothes and why are we getting Forme Jackets? Metrotown had three black Flow To Om Bags today, a couple black and Wamo Camo Go Lightly Bags and no Secret Garden Go Lightly Bags. I’m really glad I picked up a Secret Garden GLB when I saw it the other day. No Needa Margarita Keep On Running Duffel in store. 

Pop Stripe Heathered Dune Forme Jacket

Wamo Camo Wunder Unders and Hot Spell Bra

Heathered Grey Forme Jacket, Post Power Crop

I tried on the Post Power Crop today in black on a whim and I was surprised they are actually much nicer than expected. I think a curvy figure really works best for these so that they don’t look so overwhelming. The problem with them though is the pouch of fabric at the lower abdomen. You really have to pull the pants up to diminish it, and wear a long enough top to cover it, but you still get the pouch hanging out the bottom. If it had not been for that I would have gotten these at full price for sure. 

Voyage Pullover (First I’ve seen of this)

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