I made a quick stop at lululemon this morning and unfortunately my 4 year old was super uncooperative and she was impatient to get to the library so I don’t have a ton of detail to share. There were two new Dance Studio Jackets in today, one in Bleached Coral, and the other Deep Zinfandel which seriously tempted me. I saw a new burnout material tank called Salutation To Savasana Tank, shown below, and its actually surprisingly nice on. It looked very Grecian and flowing and I liked the subtle snake skin like print on it. I could see myself getting that on steep markdown later in the summer. There was also an Ombre cotton tank in called the Satya, and 3 new Energy Bras in Pigment, Pigment Stripe and a new purple that reminds me of Rose Quartz. Its the same purple seen in some store pictures of the Every Yogi Tee which is heathered (maybe its Heathered Lilac Purple?). My store got that color in for the Every Yogi Tee as well today. We will see lots of pigment coming up I am told so I’m holding out for a Pigment Dance Studio Jacket. I already have the Cool Racerback in that color so I will pass on another one but I’ve always wanted a Pigment Blue Energy Bra so that is what I left with today. 

Also in where new Scubas in Pigment, Pigment and White wide stripes, and Secret Garden.

Salutation To Savasana Tank – $52

Dancing Warior Tank (middle?) and Satya Tank

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