Great mail day for me! I just received my order from Monday night and I absolutely love both items. The Bali Breeze Dance Studio Jacket is just so beautiful. I took my TTS 10 in this and its like all my other Dance Studio Jackets, a form fitting true to size. I know some people size up in this jacket and that is a definite possibility for me but its definitely not a size down jacket. 

Camouflage Cool Racerback, although it’s 94% Polyester, 6% Lycra, it’s similar to my Midnight Iris and Beautiful Baroque Polyester CRB’s. I find these ones are softer and nicer than the usual polyester CRB’s which are thin, sheer and scratchy and when they are stretched you see the white backing show through the ribbing in the knit. These three that I have are thicker, soft and the print doesn’t spread out with the knit. All three of them are slightly shiny though so thats something you may not like. I don’t mind that at all.  I do find both versions of polyester warmer to work out in than my standard nylon luon Cool Racerbacks, but I prefer the feel of these thicker poly ones to most other ones. 

One more mention I have is for the Fatigue Green In The Flow Crops. I ordered those Friday night on a whim and they arrived yesterday. I was surprised when I tried them on that they fit very differently from my In The Flows which I have in my daily Crossfit rotation. My Plum, Deep Zin, Soot Light and Black In The Flows all fit perfectly on me in an 8, and this one fits noticeably snugger and causes some CT issues which I haven’t experienced in my other ones. It was quite strange. Anyways, those are definitely going back despite my love for Fatigue Green and In The Flow II Crops. 

 Sorry for the scraggly hair here. I haven’t fixed it since Crossfit earlier today.

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