I read this funny article in the New York Times today called Obscurity Is The Lure (also linked it on my twitter, @lulumumblog) and its worth a read if you are the type of Lululemon fan that reads blogs (thank you!) and participates in the many facebook groups dedicated to Lululemon. Really, if you know what ‘CRB’ stands for I’m sure you will be able to appreciate the article. Its actually not about Lululemon at all but a similar type of fan base that collect obscure nail polishes and will pay upwards of $200 on ebay for nail polishes that are obscure and hard to find. 

Cadet Blue Wee Are From Space Cool Racerback

Black Transformation Wrap

I actually made a very impulsive purchase today (thanks to a gift card that covered a small portion of the price tag) and picked up the black Transformation Wrap. I owned the Transformation Wrap in Dune last year but ended up selling it because I just wasn’t reaching for it. I sized down in my Dune Wrap and although it fit well with the lapels slightly overlapping and the arms roomy enough, this time I went for my TTS in the wrap because I’m more into the slouchy relaxed fit and I think the lapels lay a bit better in the TTS. In a size down the C shape of the lapels was quite prominant and over time that silhouette bothered me. So this time, I’m going for the oversized fit. That is, if I keep it. I have a wrap for sale on one of the facebook groups and if it sells I can justify the expense of this impulse purchase, otherwise I will likely return it.

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