My order from last night shipped out in record time this morning. By 8:30 I had received my shipping email which I think means orders last night where on the light side. I’m also now second guessing ordering the Post Practice Cardi in size 8 instead of size 6. I tried on my 6 black again today and really love the fit of it – hopefully my store gets the silverspoon/white in so that I can try both sizes on in that color. Unfortunately, but 7am this morning all the white/silverspoon was sold out online on the Canadian side. 

Cool Lime Cool Racerback

Looks like some US stores got this brand new Cool Racerback called Cool Lime, while other stores got Mint Moment. I was a bit confused when some of my readers mentioned they got the new green lime CRB, I assumed they were talking about Mint Moment. 

Zing Pink Wunder Under Crops

 Camouflage, Baroque Blue, Zing Pink Wunder Unders

Camouflage Wunder Unders

Post Practice Cardi

Race With Grace 1/2 Zip

Race With Grace 1/2 Zip with Camouflage Wunder Unders

Bright Bomber Jacket

Chai Time Pullover


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