Color Comparison: Clear Mint to Faded Zap

January 11, 2014

Stores seem to have just gotten their inventory of Clear Mint CRB’s after they’ve been online for at least a month now. Still waiting to see the solid Angel Blue and Bleached Coral CRB’s hit stores. Whats up with the inventory flow these days?

When I saw this CRB yesterday I was really drawn to it but left it behind. Then it hit me that this color was just like the faded zap CRB which I really wanted. It came out last spring but was disappointed to find it  was a sheer polyester mess of a CRB covered in white dots so I never ended up getting one, and looking out for an original release solid faded zap CRB. I brought this Clear Mint home as a ‘maybe’ but when I paired it next to my Faded Zap Energy Bra I knew I needed to keep it. Its soft, all nylon/lycra and completely opaque. Love pairing it with Surge.

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