I got to my store this morning in hopes of seeing the Passage Sweater and the Post Chaturanga Pullover but all that was in today where the Gratitude Wraps in all four colors. I tried on my usual size 8 for Gratitude Wraps (size down from my usual size in most items) and I was pretty disappointed in the changes that have been made. Something about the bottom hem seemed off to me and it looked as though it flared out a bit more and bubbled over less. Its as if they nipped in the material on the sides to reduce bulk but the hemline is wider and more a line and it just doesn’t pool the same way.  I’m pear shaped so I would have thought the flared out hem would work for me but I prefer the fit of last years version better. Possibly the lapels are smaller in this years version too, and its now lacking a drawcord in the lapel. The colors where not as vibrant in person as they are online and they looked quite muted so my overall impression was ‘pass’. 

Although I didn’t see the Passage Sweater, I did see the Cozy Yoga Infinity Scarf which I believe is the same knit material and it was extremely soft and not at all itchy so I’m curious to try on the Passage Sweater. 



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