Kind of a smaller and disappointing upload tonight, but also frustrating because it keeps disappearing from the website and reverting to last weeks items, and now more items where added but you are unable to select those items. I ended up ordering the Deep Zinfandel In The Flow II Crops, and then a while later I ordered the Beautiful Baroque CRB. The CRB I will be unlikely to keep since I want to hold out for a zinfandel version of the print. I was also tempted by the Rose Herringbone Scuba until I realized its the identical print to the Alberta Lake Rose Herringbone Scuba from last year, only last years has really pretty contrasting on it. 

Did you order anything? finding the upload frustrating and annoying? 

Want to look at this but website isn’t letting me select it. 

I don’t know why but I all of a sudden have the song ‘Purple Rain’ stuck in my head. Doesn’t the combination of Baroque Print, Deep Zinfandel and the blingy rose gold zipper remind you of Price? I do love Prince. 

 New jacket peek with the Namaste Yogi Tote. 

I love this bottle and I need it for Crossfit. 

Rose Herringbone Scuba Hoodie in Zinfandel

 New banners! I like the Outerwear and Women’s Run. Looks like we are getting new down items. 

 Baroque Print Wunder Unders


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