Product Drop Monday: Fluff Off Pullover, Vest and Jacket, Base Runner LS, Fleecy Keen Jacket

Swoooon to all the new wallet busting down and RULU Pique items in wallet busting colors. I’m overwhelmed with all the new items and feel like I can’t choose. I believe the down items are 800-Fill and have RULU Pique paneling. 

Fluff Off Pullover – $158

 Fluff Off Jacket – $198 comes in White, Black and Zinfandel (not sure of other colors)

Fluff Off Vest – Price unknown, comes in White, Black and Zinfandel 

Base Runner LS (seen in above photos as well) in RULU Pique Raspberry – $88, comes in Zinfandel, Black, Surge/Inwell Stripe. 

Fleecy Keen Jacket (shown in Black and Inkwell with gold zipper)



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