Blerg!! I just downed a grande black coffee in anticipation of another midnight upload and I happened to check at 9:40 and upload was up! Guess who’s going to be up all night now? >>this girl<<

Quite a few things I’m really liking from this upload but I’m only able to get the Slalom Stripe Angel Wing Cool Racerback. If I had the funds though I’d also get the Slalon Stripe Nice Asana Jacket and the She’s Swift Jacket in Plum Hyperstripe (only on the US side in that color). Possibly also the black hyperstripe CRB.

Did you guys order anything tonight? did you go to bed and set your alarm for a late upload?? Won’t you be pissed when you wake up to read that it happened at 9:40. DBAA Lululemon!!

This one looks pretty busy.

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