Thanks to the lovely Ms. S for her report on the fit of the new Dance Studio Jacket III and her comparison to last years Dance Studio Jacket II.

Fit Report DSJ vs DSJ III

* On the left in Black is the DSJ 2011 version and on the right in the new Plum colour is the DSJ III. The new DSJ III is a little bigger in fit (and very slightly shorter in length), so it doesn’t feel as streamlined but you will have a little more room (in the arms in particular), than whatever you tts is in the original DSJs (these are size 4). The Plum colour is nice irl but a hard colour to capture, since it seems to change shade depending on what light or what colour you have it next to.

* Verdict I already have three DSJs and I just don’t love the new version enough to justify keeping, so this will be going back to the store. BTW – if you are contemplating getting one, the Inkwell is a really nice colour. Enjoy the slide show and hope this helps out a little 

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