Boring upload for me, but thats probably a welcome thing. I think I would have jumped on the Spry Blue Contempo Jacket that’s in the picture of the Sizzle Yellow Festival Bag. Last week I really wanted the Groovy Stripe All Sport Bra that the US got, but now I’m sort of done with Groovy Stripe. Did you guys order anything? was it boring for you too? 

Man, all the cotton tees this year have been really un appealing. scalloped hems and football shoulders. I used to be such an easy sell for a nice cotton tee. 

 I was interested in this Cool Racerback Mod Waves tank but haven’t seen a great color for me yet. I’ve read they fit really small. 

I’ve seen pictures of this tank on (in the facebook groups) and it looks super cute on. I may get tempted in this if it ever comes in Love Red or some new color. 

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