by Cristina


June 18, 2013

Upload was late tonight. 10:05 rather than the usual 9:45 (PST for me). I ordered the Pizazz CRB but had major trouble accessing my shopping basket or checking out so it took me about 10 minutes before it finally let me check out. Hopefully that doesn’t mean I wont get it. A few other items I was interested in but not enough to pull the trigger. 

Swim line

 Really cute mesh CRB. Would totally have gotten this but since I have a solid Power Purple CRB already I passed. I would have liked a Pizazz one though. 

These shorts are super cute in the solids, but, 3″ inseam is shorter than I’m comfortable with. The shortest I go usually is 3.75″. Definitely something I’d need to try on in store first. 

I LOVE the waist on these Inspire Crops. Too bad you can never see my waistband. If it had this quilting pattern in the swoosh panel on the leg I may have considered it. 

I like the look of this tank. Loose fitting Luxtreme Tanks are so comfortable to work out in. I can see myself giving this tank a try. 

I was intrigued by this wrap until I found out it had tencil. The more pictures of it I see the more I think it looks like a snuggly baby blanket, not a chic wrap. 

Love this. Tempted by this or the Energy Bra in this pattern but I’m thinking I’m going to pass on both since you don’t see the full pattern. 

Darn!! US side got the All Sport Bra in this print

This is so lame. When I heard about this tank this afternoon, my exact words where ‘wow, nobody cares about your corporate dysfunction lululemon. Go home, you’re drunk!’ This tank was being promoted on twitter as being sold in a few local lululemon stores as limited edition item only being sold in those stores. 

Empress Mala Designs

Empress Mala Designs