Well that was sort of a good upload, no? I got the Charcoal Wunder Under Crops in store on Saturday with an exchange, and I suspected they would get uploaded but really didn’t want to chance missing out on my size. Love them! Stick to your TTS in these, especially if you plan on working out in them.  They will be snug at first but the fit is ideal in this material. 

Tonight I ordered the Groovy Stripe CRB, and the Groovy Stripe Multi Power Y. I’d prefer the Groovy Multi in a CRB, but want to try it out in the Power  Y. I really like the cute new Contempo Jackets, too. The Festival Bag and Sand To Savasana Bag are both really nice and look a lot more like the Lululemon style we’ve been missing in bags this past year. This year they really focused on canvas and neoprene, none descript and really plain bags for some reason. We want our flamboyant, flirty and girly gym bags back!

What did you guys order tonight? 

*Canada side only so far*

*Canada side only so far*

new yellow ‘Sizzle’. 

Not loving these. 


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