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June 14, 2013

Soot Light Will Crop, Pizzaz Festival Bag

I checked out the Festival Bag in store and I actually didn’t really care for it despite all the rave reviews. That may be due to the fact that I just got two bags I love while in Portland so am not really shopping for a new bag. It just seemed a bit cumbersome to get into with the zipper pocket, and the additional fold over pocket. 

Groovy Stripe Multi Cool Racerback

I picked up this Cool Racerback today in store definitely had to try on a few of them to get a pattern distribution I liked. None of them looked bad at all, it just depends on what color you prefer to be the main color. I will be returning the Power Y I got in this print because of the transparent cup pockets. 

Ta Ta Topper with Run: Fast Track Short

Multi Groovy Stripe Power Y with Voyage Crops

Scoop Me Up Tank II Raspberry Glow Light/Black

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